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What is the creepiest thing that society accepts as a cultural norm?

Below is a very informative and eyeopening answer from Quora. Do Read and share.

Lizzie Baines

Not exactly creepy, but definitely messed up and cruel.

Small pets are not easier to take care of than large pets.

In most situations, I'd say there's a lot more work you have to deal with for small, delicate pets.


Good Lord this one ticks me off the most.
All fish- especially a fish like a goldfish that poops so often- need a filter.
Bettas (the most common victim of the fish bowl) need a filter and heater, because they are tropical fish.
Not to mention it's a tiny bowl. Fish belong in tanks with a heater and filter.

(My betta tank.)
Small Rodents
Hamsters are burrowing animals and need lots of substrate and space.
The tubes post a choking hazard, there's nowhere to burrow, and no space.
This one isn't ideal either:
This one, however, is wonderful! (Notice the bottom):
These are only a few animals.
It makes me sick how people think it's okay to care for animals like this.
I never ask for upvotes, but I would really appreciate it if you did upvote this so more people could see it. It's important.
Update: I'm going to add birds to this list. They shouldn't really be kept as pets anyway, so when people put them in tiny cages with little to no items for stimulation and enrichment, it's absolutely awful.
Note: Images found from Google.

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